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Despite claims to the contrary, radio remains a dominant form of media, entertainment, and information in the digital age. On World Radio Day in 2016, 44,000 radio stations worldwide were able to reach approximately 70% of the entire global population.

Since that day, the number of stations and radio shows has only continued to grow. With that in mind, where do radio ads fit into the mix?

Custom radio ads for business can be an excellent way to advertise your company to a huge number of people at once. Read on to find out more about radio ad production and why you should be investing today.

Just How Effective Are Radio Ads in the Digital Age?

First, we’ll answer the main question posed by this article; are radio ads still effective?

The short answer is yes, radio production is still a viable way to advertise your company in 2022. Not only is it viable, but it can also be superior to other forms of advertising available to companies today.

Studies have shown that radio adverts are, in fact, 20% more effective at building brands than other mediums.

This was the result of a comprehensive study pitting televised adverts against radio ads. Not only were radio ads found to work better in the study, but they were also found to be a far more cost-effective solution.

This is because creating TV ads today can be expensive. You need to think about filming locations, actors, scripts, lighting, and considerably more. This is even before you think about trying to get your TV advert syndicated.

Radio adverts are a far cheaper solution, which makes them more attractive for many SMEs in 2022.

But how exactly can you produce a successful radio advertisement?

How Can You Produce a Radio Advert to Ensure Success?

Producing a radio advert might be cheaper than TV, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely easy. There are a lot of areas to bear in mind to ensure your advert works as well as it possibly can.

The first thing to bear in mind is the brand voice you are attempting to portray in your advert. Per the study above, radio adverts are at their best when they’re used to build a particular brand.

That means you need to research beforehand to ensure you know what kind of brand voice your company should be broadcasting. To do this, you should first assess your target demographics.

Think about your ideal customer and what they like to do on a day-to-day basis. Then, you need to consider how your branding can appeal to this particular person.

As radio is an audio-focused medium, you need to consider also how your advert is going to sound. It’s advisable to work with a professional radio advert producer to get the highest quality sound possible.

But you should also consider whether or not to create a jingle. These can make your business more memorable for consumers if they’re designed appropriately.

Are Scripted Radio Adverts Effective in 2022?

Some companies may want to create adverts off the cuff. But for the vast majority, scripting a radio advert is a preferable option.

With scripting, you can set out everything you need to say in a radio ad ahead of time. Since radio adverts work best as short snippets, this is an essential task.

Scripting a radio advert can be easier if you’ve seen some radio advert script examples ahead of time. Read through successful adverts, and figure out how exactly they achieve that success.

Then, it’s a case of modifying that layout or design and fitting it in with your own brand. Sometimes humor can be a reliable approach to take with radio ads.

Humor is hard to achieve, but when you’ve written something funny, it’ll ultimately become more memorable to listeners. 

Another common approach is to create a hypothetical scenario built around your brand. For example, if you’re managing a restaurant, you could simulate a conversation between a waiter and a family of diners.

This makes the listener feel like they’re already a part of your brand by listening to a dining scenario. 

The only barrier to a successful radio advert script is your imagination. Understand what makes your company different from others, and use that to your advantage.

What Else Should You Consider When Creating a Radio Advert?

Production value really matters when you’re working with radio commercial production. This is why, as mentioned above, you should work with a professional company where possible.

Make sure to record your adverts in a designated studio space with the right equipment. 

A good trick to bear in mind is thinking about how your radio advert stands out from others. Making a unique radio advert will make it stick in your customer’s minds for a longer period of time.

This can then hopefully convert them to paying customers later down the line. But uniqueness isn’t easy. First, really take the time to listen to your competition’s radio adverts.

If they don’t have any of their own, you’re already at an advantage. But think about using sounds or scripts that surprise and engage the listener.

The last thing you want to do is create a radio advert that sounds like everything else on the radio that day.

Finally, make sure to do a trial run. Create a target group of customers who can listen to your advert ahead of time. Then, listen to the feedback they have, and tweak your advert where necessary.

As long as you believe in your business and your customers, you can create a successful radio advert in 2022.

Where Can I Find Out More About Radio Advertising in 2022?

You should now know that radio ads are hugely successful in 2022. You should also know how to create your own, and what to bear in mind if you’re doing so.

We provide radio advert production assistance as well a host of other services for digital marketing. If you’re interested in recording an advert of your own, make sure to contact our experienced team directly.

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