Videos and Your Content Strategy


People decide whether or not they are interested in something within the first 10 seconds of viewing it. In advertising, that leaves no time for anything else. The 30-second to 1-minute commercials we see on TV and the Internet are rarely watched all the way through. Fortunately, there is a solution for catching your audience’s attention: ultra-short videos.

What They Are:

Short-form videos last about 10 seconds or less. They try to get a message across to its viewers, whether it be an advertisement or just a simple story that encourages a certain behavior, thought, or feeling.

Why Videos are Important:

In the marketing and advertising world, content is key. Video has recently become one of the most prevalent ways to pique an audience’s interest. Therefore, it’s only fitting to create something that immediately appeals to consumers.

Since the average attention span is decreasing rapidly, it’s crucial to keep all forms of content short, sweet, and to the point. The shorter the content, the easier it is for people to remember it.

Short-form content has the power to get right down to the point, which first catches viewers’ attention, and ultimately leaves them wanting more.

Another perk of the short-form video is that smaller file sizes are easier to upload. In the end, that saves you time!

How to Create Them:

Reevio, a web-based video-making platform, allows you to create and edit professional-quality animations. It has the largest library of templates of any online video software. Additionally, Promo by Slidely lets you create customized marketing videos that include music and logos.

All in all, short videos are the best way to grab attention online. The best part? Shorter equal less work for you!

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Video Production: Tips and Advice

video production

When it comes to video and television creative production, it’s important to remember that there’s not one aspect more important than the other. All of them play an essential role. With that said, what are some things you should take note of? How can your video production run smoother? Here are some things to take note of.

Plan Ahead

Whether it’s editing the video itself or preparing to write the script. Planning ahead is one of the most important aspects of video production. You should know how you want the production piece to play out, and be prepared for any changes you may have to make. After all, nothing is ever set in stone. For the bigger production pieces, for example, some things are still being edited down at the last-minute. By having a plan for your production piece, the process will go smoother, and it’ll be easier to meet the deadline.

Work as a Team

Regardless of if it’s a short film or a feature-length movie, you’re not a one man army. A successful video piece requires everyone to work as a team. After all, there are numerous aspects of the production process, and you certainly can’t juggle all of them on your own. From editing to shooting, to filming, these may seem insignificant when viewed individually. However, when you and your team put the emphasis on teamwork, these aspects come together flawlessly and are part of the bigger picture (no pun intended).

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The Importance of Post Production

Video Editing Software

There are plenty of important fields in the video production industry. Between casting, shooting, and audio production, all play a separate role. But that doesn’t make any of them less significant. After all, a production piece may be shot very well and have clear audio. But if actors are miscast, the finished product may receive heavy criticism. Speaking of which, the final stage of the production process, which involves putting many of these aspects together, is another important part of the video production industry. Known as post production, here are a few things to remember in the process.

Don’t Wear Too Many Hats

Whether you have experience in the video production industry or not, don’t try to juggle too many tasks at once. Post production is a team effort. And with all the work to be done, it can take up to several months to complete. Between adjusting audio and music, adding special effects, and wrapping up the piece as a whole, it usually takes longer than the actual shooting of the film. It’s a collaborative effort where all aspects of production come together, and the piece becomes refined. Of course, though, the length of how long this will take, depends on what you’re producing. If you’re looking to produce a full length feature, for example, the process will be much more involved than if you were creating a short piece for college students.

Have A Back-Up Plan

Don’t just plan ahead during the post production process, but have a back-up plan as well. For example, let’s say you or someone on the team is working on adding music to a scene. Make sure to have another piece of music prepared, in case you realize the original track which was planned to be used, doesn’t fit well with the scene. For every effect, music track, or transition shot that’s added, make sure there’s a contingency plan. Even during the final stages of production, effects and editing often don’t wrap up until the final weeks before the film’s release date, especially for full length features.

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