Facebook has done it again. What the heck is a Beacon?

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Recently I was looking over notifications for one of the Facebook pages I manage when I stumbled into this message alert atop the page about a beacon:

special invitation

Figure 1 Screenshot of beacon invitation


Facebook is certainly one for new innovations that usually aren’t introduced but rather implemented. Therefore, I was less than shocked to see yet another Facebook update. Even working day-to-day in the Marketing and Social Media world doesn’t necessarily grant you aware of current trends. But being that I like to have the know-how of such events, I thought I’d investigate these new Facebook “beacons”.


Basically what I’ve found is such:

facebook beacon

Figure 2 Photo c/o Facebook Help Pages


A Beacon is a Bluetooth device.

Facebook plans to send these devices to businesses with great activity on Facebook.

The beacon will interact with your customers’ Facebook apps while visiting your business. To let them know inside “tips” about your business. These tips are based on comments your friends have made on Facebook, reviews of the business,  and photos that have been posted.


Figure 3 Screenshot explaining the beacon further

Beacons for Business

According to Facebook: “Your location is determined using cellular networks, and Facebook Bluetooth® beacons.”

When I clicked “Get Free Beacon” I was taken to a form to fill out name, address, and business name. There’s also an option to send the device to a different address. If you are like me and managing a page for another company.


So far as I see it, this new addition to Facebook technology could be a fantastic advantage for businesses and their customers. Or it could be taken as yet another creepy invasion of technology that we now need to block in our privacy settings. I’m obviously pushing for the former to be true.

At this time we have not yet received the device or put it into action so only time will tell how people react. We will update once we have more information for you and try these little Bluetooth gems for ourselves.

Have you heard about Beacons? Were you invited to use one? What are your thoughts on this technology?

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