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Music has a unique ability to evoke emotions, create connections, and make memories – and when it comes to marketing and advertising, harnessing that power through jingles can have a tremendous impact on your brand. Many successful businesses have used jingles to establish their brand identity and achieve long-lasting recognition in the minds of their customers. At KillerSpots Inc., we are experts in radio production, jingle production, TV and video production, social media, studio rentals, and SEO, making us the perfect partner to help you navigate the world of jingle contests.

Jingle contests present an opportunity for businesses to crowdsource the creation of their signature tune, incentivizing and encouraging talented musicians and songwriters to compete for the winning jingle. Beyond simply yielding a great jingle for your brand, organizing a contest can also generate significant publicity, foster community engagement, and create a buzz around your business.

In this essential guide, we’ll dive into the various aspects of launching a jingle contest, from understanding its benefits to a detailed step-by-step breakdown of organizing and managing a successful contest.

The Benefits of a Jingle Contest: Entertaining and Engaging Marketing

A well-executed jingle contest can offer numerous advantages for your business, including:

– Brand image enhancement: A catchy jingle can solidify your brand’s identity and distinguish it from competitors. The contest itself can generate buzz, showcasing your company’s creativity and innovation.

– Increased publicity: The excitement surrounding the contest can draw attention from local media, industry publications, and social media platforms. This heightened exposure can increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.

– Community engagement: Jingle contests can create a sense of camaraderie, drawing in participants, and listeners alike. This engagement can foster goodwill, showcase your company’s commitment to its community, and enhance the public’s perception of your brand.

Preparing for the Contest: Setting Goals and Defining Criteria

Before proceeding with your jingle contest, it’s essential to lay a solid foundation by addressing the following:

– Define your contest’s objectives: Consider the desired outcome—capturing your brand essence, targeting a specific demographic, or promoting a particular product or service.

– Establish contest guidelines: Clearly outline guidelines regarding jingle length, lyrics, and music genre. These specifics will narrow the focus and ensure participants create relevant submissions.

– Select a contest platform: Choose from a variety of dedicated contest websites, social media platforms, or your company’s website to host the contest. Consider factors such as accessibility, ease of submission, and the potential reach of your target audience in making your decision.

Promoting Your Jingle Contest: Maximizing Exposure

Effectively promoting your contest is crucial to encourage participation and generate excitement. Explore these strategies to spread the word:

– Leverage your website and social media: Announce the contest prominently on your website and use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to generate anticipation. Share regular updates, showcase interesting submissions, and engage with your audience for maximum impact.

– Utilize local media and influencers: Contact local newspapers, radio stations, and industry influencers to garner interest. They can help publicize your contest and expand your reach.

– Collaborate with local businesses: Partner with businesses in your community to promote the contest. Retail stores, coffee shops, or music venues can help share your contest details with their customers.

Judging and Selecting a Winner: Ensuring a Fair and Impactful Outcome

A fair and effective judging process is crucial in selecting a jingle that truly captures your brand’s essence. Consider these factors when judging and choosing a winner:

– Criteria: Determine the basis for evaluating entries. Standard criteria might include melody, lyrics, originality, and overall appeal. Customized criteria can be tailored to your brand’s values or marketing goals.

– Jury composition: Assemble a well-rounded panel of judges that could include representatives from your company, local music industry professionals, or members of the community.

– Voter input: Engaging your audience by allowing them to vote on entries can increase community involvement, elicit valuable feedback, and help ensure a popular, crowd-pleasing winner.

– Announcement: Ensure the winner announcement is well-timed, coordinated, and publicized – this celebration can generate excitement, attract media attention and further boost the winning jingle’s impact.


A well-orchestrated jingle contest can be a powerful means of enhancing your brand identity, forging connections with your community, and generating buzz around your business. By considering the benefits, establishing clear objectives, effectively promoting the event, and utilizing a fair judging system, you can greatly increase your chances of finding a memorable jingle that resonates with your audience.

At KillerSpots Inc., our team of experts in radio ad production, jingle production, and sound design is ready to support your jingle contest journey – from the initial planning stages to the final wrap-up. Partner with us to streamline the process, optimize your contest for maximum results, and discover the perfect jingle that will elevate your brand to new heights.

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