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Is there a business looking to make a great radio ad but they don’t know where to start? If so, this posts is here to give a few pointers on how to make a great radio ad that will have listeners flocking to the business or buying the product in no time. To see what is recommended for making a great radio ad keep reading below.

Make Sure the Ad Is Tailored to the Audience

The first step to making a great radio ad is to make sure that the message of the ad is tailored to your customers. The ad’s script should have the right tone, personality, and language for the target audience.

For example, if marketing to a younger generation then the ad can make it fun and use slang. If marketing the ad to an older audience a straightforward tone may speak to them better than what would be used for the younger audience.

No matter who the ad is made for, the script should connect with them and make sure not to offend them. If an ad is created that has the wrong tone or language for your audience it can end up pushing them away from your message. 

Make Sure It’s Distinctive

What makes the ad stand out? What makes the products and services offered unique and truly one of a kind? What can be offered to the clients that no one else can?

These are questions that should be answered to help make the ads distinctive from other ads on the airwaves. Establishing this distinctiveness will help listeners recognize the business’ ads and become more attracted to the brand.

Production Value and Voice Talent Matters

When it comes to direct response and brand marketing they must work together to drive sales. Listeners will expect a sense of maturity from the radio ad. This isn’t as bad as it sounds, usually, ads that are produced with sophistication will help build trust and credibility around the brand.

This will eventually lead to greater sales due to the positivity built around well-produced ads. To bring up the production value of the ads try adding some sound effects and music when appropriate.

When adding music it should be thought of it as a carefully constructed top 40 song. The music behind lyrics usually helps to enhance the song overall, this is the same thing music will be doing for your ad. Music and the message will work together to help make the message more effective. 

Show Empathy

When it comes to the majority of advertising the ads are trying to show customers the product or service and how it will address their needs or wants. The ad shouldn’t be any different.

When the radio ad strategy shows empathy towards the customers and their wants or needs it will make the potential customer feel like they are cared about. It can effectively show empathy by using certain verbiage that indicates the business understands their feelings pretty well.

This ad can also acknowledge their pain points such as things that make everyday life hard and how your product or service will help to simplify daily life. Even try to add a review or customer testimonial into the radio ad and how the product helped to address their needs.

Make Sure There’s a Strong Call to Action

The ultimate goal of the radio ad is to get the listener to do something, this is also known as a call to action. This will want to drive the listeners and new customers to do an action from purchasing from the company to giving the business a call.

Because the call to action will get listeners to make an action towards the business and to hopefully land a sale it’s safe to say this is one of the most important things the radio ad should include. To be entirely effective, the call to action should tell the customers what you want them to do and be straightforward.

This should also be easy to remember. For example, if the customer needs to call a number try placing it to music to make it more memorable so the listener isn’t easy to forget the number they should be calling. Even if the listener should go to a website make sure that the URL is simple and easy to remember also.

Make Sure The Ad Is Simple

Radio ads are usually a few seconds, so it will need to be effective in a short time. It will also need to take into account the type of listeners that will be listening to the radio, most of the time they will be busy driving or working. 

Knowing that the listener may be busy is key to making the ad memorable to them. The business doesn’t want to pack too much in so they can’t remember, instead make it simple and straight to the point so the busy listener can easily remember the products and services. Remember that a single good point made in your ad is enough to stick with the listener, especially if they can relate to it easily.


What’s written on the script isn’t what the radio ad is going to sound like in articulation. With this said, when producing an ad even a small change in the script or adding a small sound effect can change the entire radio ad in a big way.

Making small changes to the ad during production will happen again and again until the best ad is created for the audience. Even when it comes to having voiceovers in the ad the way the actor says something or pronounces it can have a big effect on the ad also.

This is why articulation matters. The more direct the ad is the better. Using statements or voice-overs that are statements, monotone, and cliches don’t work. The ad should be using specific language and the voiceover should be showing emotion to make it stick to the listener.

Add an Incentive

To make the radio ad as strong as possible it should add an incentive. This radio ad incentive can be things such as giving the listener a special discount or offer for listening to the ad. This can be done by giving them a special code or saying through the ad that they can enter online or tell a representative so they can receive their incentive after giving their business to the company.

Incentives will help to motivate the listeners to take action as soon as possible. This will help them to remember the radio ad too because they won’t want to forget that special code or saying so they can save or get a gift. 

Have an Attention Grabber in the Begining

We’ve discussed that having a call to action at the end of the ad is really important when it comes to getting customers to take action, but what about the beginning of the ad? When it comes to the start of the radio ad it’ll want to grab the attention of your audience with an attention grabber.

There is one chance to grab the listener. When it comes to radio advertising this is also known as the hook. This hook is what helps to sell the ad which is important because it’ll have to sell your ad to sell your product.

This may sound easy but in truth, it’s one of the hardest parts about creating the radio ad. It can be effective in creating a great hook by starting your ad with a question or statistic. It’ll want to pique the listener’s curiosity and make them want to listen to the rest of the ad.

Remember That Comedy Can Win Audiences

Comedy is something that everyone loves, and because of this including comedy in the ad can help to win over audiences. Comedy can be added to the ad by throwing in some jokes or having a funny voice over. 

A funny ad will create a memorable listening experience for the audience and make it really easy for them to remember long after your ad has stopped playing. Just remember that if there’s a long campaign to tweak the jokes, listeners don’t want the same joke playing 30 times in a row.

Now People Know How to Make a Great Radio Ad

It’s now know how to make a great radio ad. From creating a great hook and call to action to adding music to the ad to make it more appealing to the listener, readers will be making the best radio ads in no time. For more advertising information and tips be sure to check out the rest of the website here.

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