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Whether you’re a business selling products or services, you’d know the significance of having an advertising strategy. A well-crafted marketing tactic can help build brand loyalty and a positive brand image. It also lets you communicate the offering’s unique value proposition and drive revenue growth. 

While implementing a social media campaign with a professional can help you stay competitive and efficient in the industry, some traditional marketing can still be effective today. Besides handing out flyers and stickers, you can help people remember your establishment better by writing and composing a catchy jingle. 

If you want more people to remember your company better, this article will define jingles, why they still matter, and how to create a good one. 

What Are Jingles in Advertising?

A memorable jingle is a powerful advertising tool. It can connect your brand with a message, making it unique for your audience. Even if listeners don’t consciously notice the music in your radio commercial, they’ll remember your catchy jingle. This association can increase brand recognition and customer loyalty, convincing them to choose your business.

Do People Learn Music Better with Repetition?

As you continue your day, you may wonder why you mentally sing the ABCs to remember the order of letters in the alphabet. Advertising agencies commonly use this method because repetition helps our brains retain information more easily, like memorizing a song. Singing jingles are a newer advertising approach, with the first airing in 1926 for Wheaties. Since then, these marketing tools quickly became popular and essential for the marketing industry. 

3 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Jingle

After defining jingles and explaining if people learn better with repetition, this section will discuss why your company must create and launch a short song. 

1. Jingles Help Define Your Offers

Besides going on social media platforms, a jingle is an effective advertising tool that distinguishes your company from competitors by uniquely communicating your offer. A catchy tune grabs people’s attention and reinforces your company’s strengths. 

It will also be memorable and leave an impression on listeners about what makes your company unique. Moreover, a well-composed piece must resonate with potential customers, who can recall it long after first hearing it. 

2. These Tunes Are Easy to Remember

A catchy and creative jingle helps buyers remember your company and its unique selling point. As people constantly expose themselves to information online, your message can go unnoticed, which can be daunting for any business owner. 

On the other hand, a jingle with distinct features like your phone number or company name makes it easier for listeners to recall your business. 

3. They Attract Customers

Jingles enhance brand awareness, create memorable messages, and attract customers through emotional connections. These tools are a classic advertising method that associates a brand with vital information simply and memorably. Also, a well-crafted jingle can significantly impact a business’s marketing strategy.

How to Create a Powerful and Catchy Radio Jingle

Many marketing teams have questions about creating a jingle, asking themselves if they should have a rhyming scheme and what company details to include. While there are no set rules for composing a catchy tune, you must learn to keep it simple. You should also make it clear and straightforward because the audience doesn’t want to exert much effort to remember it. Moreover, it must be memorable. 

What Are the Effects of an Effective Jingle?

While the right jingle can become a familiar sound to the brain, you must also create the right sound for a brand. The song’s opening notes can trigger memories and encourage people to sing along. Meanwhile, an unpleasant tune can hurt a brand.


Jingles are a powerful advertising tool that businesses can broadcast on social media, radio, or TV, but you can only enjoy the benefits if you do it right. You can be memorable among potential customers by keeping it straightforward and catchy and working with a professional agency.

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