You may have seen it somewhere before. On LinkedIn, in an article somewhere or in a free webinar you joined. The word SEO is commonly heard in the realms of marketing, website design and a multitude of others.

But do you know what it stands? You know it’s important but…

What is it?

SEO is a noun and stands for Search Engine Optimization. But that does not really answer the question. Let me put it this way, go ahead and Google your name, now count how many hits lead back to you. Generally, your hits are Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram, or maybe you’ve had a news article written about you: these results are your personal SEO.

Now apply the same concept to your business. The more times your name pops up in an organic search, the more likely your website is to be clicked. This is simple psychology. The more something is right in front of a client the more reliable it seems.

How does it work?

Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo comb through your website looking for keywords and phrases. Go back to Google and type in, “Two houses divided.” I’m willing to bet most all of your search results had to do with Shakespear and Romeo and Juliet. Weird, right? You were not looking for either of things.

In order to make this work for your business, you need a clear picture of what people are looking for when they need your services. Keywords are worth their weight in Antimatter (the most expensive substance per gram). Once you discover what words and phrases people use in their searches, embed them on your website. Every page should its own list of keywords for search engines to locate.

Why do you need it?

That’s the easy part! The majority of website traffic comes directly from search engine results. This is because search engines represent the most popular way of navigating through the World Wide Web. With proper SEO optimization, the flow of traffic will lead directly to your web page.

Interested in learning more about SEO? Or improving your own? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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